My Name, is Birt Adams I was born in Brooklyn, New York. I worked for the New York City Department of Corrections for 20 years as a Correction Officer. I served in the military in the best branch Air Force. I have work as a Deputy Sheriff, Police Officer, Public Safety Officer and an Investigator. I set out to understand these similar but different agencies, working in South Carolina in Law enforcement has been a true experience about race. In my Law enforcement career, I have encounter racism.

In my career I encountered hate amongst my peers in these departments. In New York I witnessed corruption as a young teenager with Police Officer. From 42nd St in the 80’s to right on the streets of Brooklyn NY in a neighborhood game room which was a front for a number hole, where you played illegal numbers. There were video games and a pool table where we went to play. We would have competitions to get the high score on Pac Man, space invaders, Donky Kong.

I witness Police Officers going in the back of Lady Luck number hole office and come out. I remember on 42 nd street when Officer would put their hands on you for no reason. I remember coming home from 42 nd street for watching kung fu movies coming out of the A train subway at about 15 years old on Nostrand Ave and Fulton St and a white officer tried to grab us, and we just got off the train. I remember we ran home and wonder what was going on, there a story behind that. I remember how we would be in the Pizza parlor on Tompkins Ave across from 79th
PCT in Brooklyn and the detectives would come get us to stand in a line up for 5 dollars we were to young to give consent, but we did it for the money. 

I think how crazy that was now. I remember some guys were playing dice in the street and when they saw the Police coming, they stop out of respect for the Police. But the Officer just walked in the middle and picked up the dice and money and drove away. 

I have a good childhood My mother and father worked hard, back then children truly weren’t worry about getting shot. When I went to college, I was going to be a Police Officer, but became a Correction Officer where I learned so much about people and how evil they could be. I met Al Sharpton, Bernard Goetz, etc. in Jail as a Correction Officer. 

After working there and retiring I decided to live in Georgetown Sc. Where I became a Deputy Sheriff and enjoyed the people in the community. I remember a woman in the Oatlands community in Georgetown SC that I was not going to last here. I ask her why and she stated that not what the deputy do here play with the children, talk to people and try to see their point of view. I later realize how racist the Georgetown Sheriff office would be. 

I eventually resigned when a white deputies tried to sabotage another White sergeant and I stood for right and wrong. That’s when I realize the family connection at the Sheriff Office is illegal fathers’ uncles’ sons Mothers Aunts daughters was the Georgetown Sheriff Office it is still that way today. 

I left and moved to Spartanburg where I work as a Public Safety Officer. I had so much fun there working with the community. But I was drawn back to Georgetown SC to watch my Mother. I started working for Georgetown Police Department. I immediately was taken back by this department when this department would not promote African American to the rank of Sargent.

This City of Georgetown Police Department was full of corruption. I now focus on proving to the world that Law Enforcement department can be operated fair for everyone and help the community to rebuild trust back in Police departments.